Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Shrug Gone Wrong

I had every intention of presenting a beautiful I DO shrug. Really, every intention. The thing is, after I finished knitting it.. like 3 weeks ago.. I had the feeling in my stomach that it is too big. I even got gauge. Heck, merino streeeetches... But, I hoped blocking would help. I procrastinated until last night.. and finally blocked the damned thing.
Yup, I even put on a strapless dress for you all to see. Sad to say, this little thingamajig will have to be ripped. Good thing the wedding reception won't be until the end of the year. Hallelujah. All is not lost though, because the mailman dropped this off today....*snicker* I think the gods are telling me that the shrug needs to be ripped too. Why else would I receive the yarn winder today?
Update on Clapo2: I ended up ordering that ONE skein of yarn to finish it off. It will take a month for it to get here. Keep your eyes peeled... *tap tap tap*
Update: okay that was fun.... let's not do that again for this shrug. Thank you for the yarn winder, honey!.


Blogger marirob said...

Oh no! Sorry about the shrug - I've never done lace so I have no idea how lace grows or not. I think it was very pretty and I'm sure the next time will be the charm! And don't you love your swift and yarn winder?

5:30 AM  
Blogger cmeknit said...

Oh man...did you rip the whole thing? Could you salvage any of it? It really looks/looked beautiful though!

5:53 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

oh no! if you were going for that whol goth look, it would have worked well, but I think that the second time will be better. Good luck with it, Winnie! Glad the swift and ball winder helped you though! ;)

6:15 AM  
Anonymous andrea said...

i'm jealous - a ball winder and a swift, wo-whooooo! they look so pretty and yup, i'm sure made the frogging much more enjoyable. ;) the shrug will fit perfectly this time around, i'm sure!

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Purly Whites said...

Even with all the problems, I Do is so pretty. I hope it works out the second time around. And it looks fab with that dress.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous jess said...

i thought it was quite pretty, even considering the goth sleeves! i'm sure next time will be ab fab, though...

9:51 AM  
Blogger jacqueline said...

oh no!!! and it looks so gorgeous too. i am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that the next version works out perfect for you. (which i am sure it will!)

5:54 AM  

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