Tuesday, July 26, 2005

In lieu of knitting FOs..

So the Tagboard Message board that used to be on the left side bar is now no-more. I've been having problems with loading this page for the last two days and discovered that it was always that stupid Tagboard that gave me grief. Out it went. From now on, if you have anything to tell me, please leave a comment in my posts. This is to say that I do love reading your comments and hope the disappearance of that message board will not affect your visits.
Lovely Tara tagged me and here it goes...
10 years ago:
wow, let me recall for a little bit. was still in indonesia, lived in a house with maids who tickled my feet in the morning in lieu of an alarm clock and ironed my undies (yes, you read that right, IRONED my undies) and didn't know how to cook - at all. trust me, i had to make an international call to my mom after moving to the States when i found out after fidgeting with the rice-cooker for 2 hours and still ended up with uncooked rice... "what?? you had to put water in the rice to cook it? what? really? i thought you just pressed a button and the rice would cook itself?!!")
5 years ago: know how to cook rice now. HA HA, i got the better of you, you punk-ass all-try-to-be-innocent-looking rice-cooker! no seriously, called home AGAIN and told my parents i'm quitting chemical engineering. "yes mom, they train us to be advanced plummers.. no mom, i really don't want to be a plummer.. okay mom, i'll tough it out.. hmph.. (and then of course, i enrolled in grad school. and in what major you ask? chemical engineering. um, yea, never say never)
1 year ago: signed myself up to event-coordinate a conference at honolulu. Yippeee! NOT. did i get to go outside and enjoy the beach? no. did i sun-bathe in my cute little bikini? no. i worked 12 hours every single day of that week, sitting in an air-conditioned office, OVERLOOKING THE OCEAN. and every time it rained outside and everyone at the beach scurried off to duck for cover, I SMIRKED. "YEA! If I don't get to enjoy Hawaii.. NONE OF YOU WILL!!!"... okay.. i probably just scared off half my readers. I'm not that bad a person, really.. i'm just bitter i went to hawaii for a week and DIDN'T GET ANY PLAY TIME!
YESTERDAY: (this is for you Tara) Constipated. as usual. Have you tried bananas? yup, don't work. Plum juice? Yup, been there done that. Fruit vinegar? oh hell yea. Milk? nah, i just feel even more bloated. Veggies? hm, is there such thing as too much fiber? cuz if there is, then i need to cut down on my veggie intake. Mango juice? .. okay... TMI.. but you get the idea.
TODAY: had to lay down the law with the newbies in the lab on how things should run in the lab.. MY WAY. no i'm not power-tripping.. ha ha, but it pays to have seniority side with me. Which reminds me, i need to graduate.
TOMORROW: galiantly march into the lab, turn on my computer, and read knittig blogs. and work, of course.
5 snacks I enjoy: peanut butter (yum!), nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread, yum!), japanese crackers (yum!), dried seaweed (yum! yum!... ha ha), crunchy almond cereal (a staple in my house, yum!)
5 bands/singers I like: This changes every now and then. Currently, MR. BIG is on heavy rotation (Paul Gilbert is pretty damn awesome), AC/DC, Marvin Gaye, Frou Frou, Fiona Apple
Things I would do with $100,000,000: Well I'd buy a house with big big windows in the suburbs with lots of fresh air and greenery, preferrably a whole forest so we can preserve some wildlife before we push them to extinction, build a humongous storage for yarn, tell my family that they have nothing to worry about for the rest of their lives cuz I'm disgustingly rich now and I'll take care of them, put the rest of the money in savings until I know what to do with it, and live a financially-stress-free life with ppl I love.
5 locations I'd like to run away to: Around the world. Hell, around the galaxy if there's no limitations. I might even get to shake hands and have a pint of good German beer with the aliens if I could.
5 bad habits that I have: cuss too much, smoke too much, and not have enough patience. that and i drool when i sleep. So, does pulling dutch covers on the bf count as a bad habit? it could be.. dare i say it, endearing? beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, right?
5 things I like doing: taking naps (really. just napping) with bf, knitting, playing with bf's dog, watching good movies and listening to good music.
5 things I would never wear: shoulder pads (right there with you Tara), spandex, thongs (really. i don't care how comfortable you say they are, they are not. panty lines? bring it on), high waist pants (come on) and bras which do NOTHING to keep nipply conditions undercover (yes, I'm modest that way)
5 TV shows I like: yea, TV. I don't have TV. what's on these days?
5 movies I like: currently, I am digging Butterfly Effect, The Jacket, Dangeous Beauty, Kill Bill, The Incredibles
5 famous people I'd like to meet: Hm, I'd really like to meet someone who can show me that time really is relative, and that ultimately we are all just big globs of energy balls who confine ourselves in the 3-D world. Name a person who can do that, and I'd surely like to introduce myself to him/her/it.
5 biggest joys of the moment: knitting, because the more I knit the more I know how much I actually don't know. I love a hobby that enables a life-long learning experience. Spending time with bf. Having friends I can talk to. Open communication with my mom. Knowing that I'll be done with grad school soon (crosses fingers)
5 favorite toys: All the nifty little tools that accompanies knitting, the internet (for it's wealth of knitting infos and knitting blogs), my new cheap-o digital camera (yes, finally), Motorola cellphone for it's Mini-Golf game, and ...well i guess i don't have enough toys then if i can't name 5

Okay, and now I'd like to pass the torch to Joy (because she's a sweetie), Andrea (because she comes up with interesting answers) and Natasha (because she was just recently thinking about life).

*Edit: Does anyone have a copy of "The Magic Loop" booklet for knitting socks? I am thinking about purchasing it online because I can't find any in my LYS. For those of you who own this booklet, is it worth the purchase? Or am I better off just googling sock patterns on magic loop on the internet?


Anonymous andrea said...

yay, i've been eyeing this meme for a while ~ thanks!

about the digital camera - about time already! ;)

2:35 PM  
Blogger natasha said...

bastard! ok, i'll answer them. anyway, first, as far as constipation. my mom is the queen, you are only the princess...sugarfree candy has sugar alcohols in it which will get ya going, if you eat too much, like 2 or more servings in a day, it will make you sick...so be smart, my mom's poison of choice is sugarfree jelly bellys, i hope this helps.
also, i was talking to my friend who teaches knitting. she suggested an idea for changing regular sock patterns to be on 2 needles...to simply change the math, so instead of 4 it is always divided by 2, and if needed to mark where each of the 4 needles would be. any help at all?


7:35 PM  
Anonymous anna said...

re the magic loop - i wouldn't buy a booklet, it's easy peasy so i'm sure a google search will yeild all you need to know.

(PS: thought you should know - using Safari on a Mac, your site is unreadable because the mosaic background runs right underneath the text)

2:39 AM  
Blogger Tara said...

Those damn rice cookers! hee

I never knew there were so many cures for constipation - you definitely didn't let me down, girl!

And yes, dutch covers ARE endearing....and so is "pull my finger" :)~

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WRT yesterday: my rec is to try probiotic supplements and/or a teaspoon of powdered vitamin C in 8 oz of water (both can be purchased from a health food store). They work for my problems, anyway.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Thanks for the meme! I love reading those.

You're at least better than me, I never knew you couldn't cook rice in a rice cooker. Did you know that? Rice can actually be cooked on a stove. Rice-cooker rice is infinitely better though.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous kaitlyn said...

My husband didn't know you could cook rice on the stove either and he OWNS a restaurant. I once asked him to put on some rice so it would be done when i got home and he left the stove on high. I could smell the burn from outside! He and his friends were just sitting there playing video games, totally unaware of the smoke. Oh, and babycakes, bananas plug you up ;) I recommend coffee and a cigarette... works like a charm, haha.

12:19 PM  

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