Wednesday, June 22, 2005

100 things about me. *Edited*

1. I was made in Taiwan, raised in Indonesia, and educated in the United States.
2. The high school I attended in Indonesia is an "international" school for all folks who are non-Indonesians.
3. All my teachers were Indians, and we had an Indian principal.
4. I do a killer Indian accent.
5. I can sing Mahatma Gandhi's favorite song.
6. The name of the school is "Gandhi Memorial International School"
7. I never finished high school. Took a shortcut and jumped straight to college.
8. I think I should have finished high school like the other kids. Sometimes I wonder if I missed out.
9. I didn't know what a chemical engineer did until 6 months before I graduated from University of Washington. It was my fault for not knowing prior to that, not the school's. (Just need to put that in, in case any Husky fans feel the urge to bind me up in a sack and beat me up to a pulp thinking I just bad-mouthed UW).
10. Then I considered myself an advanced plummer afterwards.
11. I loved Seattle. They have the best Korean food, among other things.
12. I used to go to "I love Sushi" because a really good-looking waiter worked there. Hey, good view, great food. Can't complain.
13. I asked him for his phone number.
14. Then I found out he likes petite little girls.
15. This is not the first time my height has worked against me.
16. I'm 5'9. That's above average height for Asian girls.
17. A lot of guys in elementary school didn't ask me out because I was taller than them.
18. I barter. It's genetic, my mom does it beautifully.
19. Being the poor starving grad student that I am, I barter for academic discounts when I purchase equipments for the lab.
20. That keeps me in my advisor's good graces.
21. People think I don't have the "engineer" look.
22. What the hell is that? Pocket protectors? Come on. An engineer can be hot too.
23. I once flipped a professor off. It was an accident, I swear.
24. I bruise easily. Desk corners and doors and shelves love me.
25. I usually have no idea how I ended up with those bruises.
26. I don't shave my legs very often. That's why Summer is not my favorite season.
27. I don't spend money on music very often. I just smooch off from my bf.
28. He doesn't complain.
29. I am not religious. That is very difficult for people who come up to me asking me if I have 5 minutes so they can read me their religious pamphlets. They say that the way I live does not lead me to the path of god.
30. Do I care? I'm a good person and that's what counts.
31. But I do believe in karma.
33. I believe that if I wish for something hard enough, it'll come true. *Naive*
34. Most of the time I end up working my ass off to make my wishes come true. *Reality kicking in*
35. Microsoft Word hates me. It likes to reformat and reprogram my writing.
36. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how Microsoft Word fucks up my page-numbering when I am trying to meet a report deadline.
37. I usually give the monitor one or ten million good slaps and curse at it like a truck-driver before giving up.
38. Then the next morning my page numbering works out miraculously. Don't tell me you can't discipline your computer.
39. I check emails like crazy. Every 0.1 sec. Sometimes I feel sad when I refresh so many times and I don't even get junk mail.
40. But I hate junk mail. And all those forwards about how if you don't mail it out to 10 people within 5 minutes and something terrible will happen, all bullshit.
41. I verified it. Scientifically of course. And multiple times. Just so no one asks me if my experiments are reproducible. You know it.
42. I am a cool geek -- or so I'd like to think.
43. If anyone tells me anything, I ask them where they got that information. Must make sure the references check out, ya' know.
44. I am so glad I picked up knitting. That makes me think I am not just a geek with big honking pumps and piping and chemicals.
45. I also love chocolate. The ones with hazelnuts.
46. Eating chocolate before going to bed gives you nightmares.
47. I verified that scientifically again, of course. With good reproducibility too, I might add.
48. Although I am sorry to report that the above conclusion only applies to M&Ms.
49. One day I shall repeat the above with more shi-shi (sp?) chocolates.
50. I stress easily. That directly translates to constipation. (oversharing? nah)
51. I have no problems talking about bowel problems during a meal.
52. Sometimes I feel so stressed, I think I can shit diamonds.
53. Wouldn't that be great? I'd be fucking rich. Yarn splurging would not be a problem.
54. I don't do good poker faces. Although I do make a lot of faces.
55. If someone says something I don't agree with, my right eyebrow starts twitching. Okay, it just raises. But twitching sounds cuter.
56. I can't lie worth a damn. The guilt eats me like the flesh-eating virus.
57. I am a night-owl. I get so much done in the wee hours of the morning when no one is around to bother me.
58. That is why I can never wake up early enough to get the McDonald's Sausage McMuffin -- which, I love, disgustingly enough.
59. I didn't realize McDonald's was THAT bad until I saw "Supersize Me"
60. I am, however, secretly sad that they removed the supersizing option. I love me those McDonald's Fries. Yum.
61. I have very little patience for people who repeat themselves. If you catch me rolling my eyes in the middle of a conversation, you know I've heard it all before.
62. I hate brussel sprouts. I think parents only make their kids eat them to secretly punish them.
63. I eat garlic with everything. All my dishes have garlic in them.
64. I still kiss my bf afterwards. Sometimes just to see him flinch. Bwa ha ha...
65. I am a firm believer in dutch covers. Ask my bf. When I let it rip, I wish I can lock down my car windows so everyone in the car can suffer.
66. I tell my bf :"If you love me, you will love everything about me, including gas"
67. He responds:"If it escapes your body, then it isn't a part of you. I don't have to love THAT".
68. I know I just grossed out everyone who's reading this list. Ewww....
69. But he still loves me anyway.
70. I have really short pinkies. I blame my inability to play the guitar on the short pinkies.
71. That goes for piano playing too. Can't blame me if my fingers can't spread that far on the keys.
72. I still sleep with my blankie. I've had it since I was 6-days old. I predict it's going into the graves with me.
73. I used to hate the color pink. But now I see how awesome it looks on me, I've secretly grown to admire it.
74. My friends still give me a lot of slack whenever they see anything pink on me.
75. I can't eat red meat. Not for health or religious reasons. Just because red meat gives me indigestion.
76. I have a mini-library in my bathroom. That helps me pass the time for reasons mentioned in #50.
77. I want a bookshelf in my bathroom in my future house.
78. Sometimes I talk with my mouth full. My advisor had once told me to finish my food first before talking. Oops.
79. I chew my nails when I'm nervous/bored/stressed. That is why I've never had a manicure.
80. I once blacked out on a roller-coaster ride. My love for roller-coasters came to a screeching halt afterwards.
81. I hate butterflies. I once read a fiction (when I was 9) where a little girl was stung by butterflies and she aged rapidly within days and died.
82. I know now that butterflies don't sting and that what I read was fictitious. But I still hate them.
83. I cannot wear heels. Cannot. I have the natural talent to trip over myself while wearing flats, so heels are a no-no.
84. But I still wear them on few occasions. Only to walk to the car, sit, drive to a restaurant, sit, walk back to the car, sit, and come home to take them off. If the occasion requires more walking than that, I'm wearing flats.
85. Horror movies are my favorites. But I get scared shitless and demand that my bf/friend/sister accompanies me to the bathroom when I have to pee/poo afterwards.
86. I still watch them anyways. And if I am alone at night and need to pee, I will hold it until the morning just so the boogey man has time to leave the apt.
87. Love sci-fis. But I regret to say I don't get the hysteria surrounding Star Wars. Princess Leia is NOT that hot.
88. Maybe I don't like Princess Leia because I don't like cinnamon buns. Hm.
89. I've never gone camping before.
90. The thought of not taking a shower and shampooing my hair gives me hives.
91. I take showers twice a day. More than twice in the summers.
92. I perform the pencil test on my butt to gauge whether or not I need to work-out. If my butt cheeks can hold the pencil, it's time to break out the dusty sneakers and hit the Stairmaster for some gravity-defying ass-lifting.
93. I don't work out that much. Not to say that my ass is firm and perky all the time. Because it isn't.
94. Asians are cursed with flat butts. I am a firm believer.
95. When I buy full-length mirrors at Target, I line them up and pick the one that makes me look thinnest.
96. My friends say I am lying to myself, but then they run to Target afterwards to buy the same mirror.
97. Needless to say, that's the only mirror I will ever look at.
98. I pop my zits. I blame it on my mother. She popped my first zit when I was 13. That marked the point of no return.
99. The best time to kill me is when I laugh. My eyes are so small that they are closed shut when I laugh. Not that I am asking to be murdered, but just so you know.
100. You wouldn't want to put me away would you? After all, I am self-deprecatingly funny and you know you'll miss me when I'm gone.


Blogger Tara said...

oh my god, you are cracking me up! Maybe you're my long lost cousin or something b/c, in my family, talking about #2 is almost always acceptable! hee hee

6:01 AM  
Blogger goodkarma said...

Well, what do ya know? I'm a UW grad, too. I liked reading your list, it was fun!! :)

2:45 PM  
Anonymous andrea said...

beautiful redesign - how did i miss that? i *hate* not having internet access at home, sigh.

i used to live in this big house with a ton of other people - i was miserable there, but there was an entire wall of bookshelves in my bathroom so i put up with it all for a year until i just had to move out so i'm with ya on the whole reading thing ;)

12:38 PM  

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