Friday, July 22, 2005

The East Side / West Side Union

Remember my nervousness and excitement over meeting up with Joy and Andrea? It was supposed to happen at 2pm, but the greyhound didn't cooperate. Andrea and I had big plans to truck Joy around the LYS in LA, spanning from Universal City to Santa Monica and possibly even Hollywood. Unfortunately, Andrea had a class to attend and by the time I met up with Joy, it was too late to hit any yarn stores. But boy did Joy make up for lost time! The little lady brought us goody bags with sample yarns from Artfiber, munchies, and get this, a whole cake of cashmere yarn!! Speaking of which, Andrea, you and I need to meet up at UCLA some time next week so you can pick up your package. Any later, and I'll hoard your share too. Hee hee.
Before meeting Joy, I was a bundle of nerves. Will she be as cool as she seems on her blog? Will it be awkward? Maybe I should bring my knitting so if it gets awkward then I'll just knit? What if I clam up and bore her to death? Oh my god I'm actually meeting up with ppl from the internet? Oh my god I sound like such a loser... you get the point. Well, the moment we met, we gave each other a big hug and surprisingly, my nervousness kinda melted away. I guess Joy has that effect on people. I didn't bring my camera, so y'all will have to wait to see our pic together on Joy's website at a later date. It was a hot humid night, so don't be surprised if we look a little frazzled with shiny foreheads. You've been warned. I had a really great time hanging out with Joy and her friends - Thomas the Ultimate Karaoke Machine, Sarah the Crafty Crochet Queen, and Eric the Fabu Decorator. Okay, I am just making up titles for them now, but that's my impression in a nutshell - all very cool people.
Joy wanted to know what I was working on right now, and it's Backyard Leaves from scarf style for my mom. I'm using sportweight yarn.. so hopefully it won't be too holey after blocking. Here's my progress so far..
backyard leaves
Enjoy your weekend y'all. I'm camping out at my bf's air-conditioned house.
*Edit: Here's the sweaty pic that I stole off Joy's blog. Har har.. I brightened it so you can see us a little better, although probably shinier too now that I look at it.


Blogger cmeknit said...

Oh I love that pattern. I made one earlier in the year for my SIL but am tempted to make one for many beautifully knit scarves can one person have?

4:35 AM  
Anonymous andrea said...

wowwowow! first off, it was so frustrating to not be able to meet up with you and joy but it sounds like a good time was had - so cool. and no, you're so not a dork to have been nervous - i was all sweaty-palm at just the thought of hanging out with you two ;)

now, on to the goodies bag - jeez louise, how cool is joy?!?! you better believe i'll be around ASAP to pick that up, how totally totally cool.

lastly, your scarf is looking great - and in white, so chill and cool looking - just what we need for this weather, which i'm about to melt in.

great post ;)

9:32 PM  
Anonymous kat said...

Yep Joy has that effect on people alright! She is one cool chica! That's one cool goodie bag - lucky girls!

6:02 PM  
Blogger Tara said...

I am so jealous of your goodie bags! And not even just the contents - the bags are adorable!

I love your scarf in white.....I swear I'm the only knitblogger who doesn't have a copy of Scarf Style! What's wrong with me? (don't answer that!)

P.S. I tagged ya for a meme!!!

5:44 AM  
Blogger =joy= said...

winnie!!! i'm SO happy i got to meet you even tho it was super-late... i can't wait to see you next time! i promise to be in LA longer than 24 hrs. ^_^

o, and btw, i got myself into a karaoke challenge with thomas... *sigh* that's what i get for calling him out. lol... we're supposed to sing 3 songs and have 3 judges. want to be my judge?

9:38 AM  

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