Monday, April 25, 2005

Thank you all!

Rather than submitting individual thank-you's to all the lovely gals at the Lucky KAL and a few other knitters that I stalk continually, I'd just like to say thank you thank you thank you to all the lovely comments that I have received on my Lucky sweater. Can't wait for more finished Lucky's :D

So now that that project has been completed, it seems that a great weight has been lifted. Now I have the green-light to venture to scope out other big projects.

Next up:
- Bucket Hat in Henry's Attic Inca Cotton (sage) for BF (poor guy, I promised to knit him a hat for Valentine's.. what month is it now?)
- Raw chicken viking hat -- brown and cream acrylic.. have to use up that acrylic stash
- 3 more flower basket shawls (unless I stumble upon another lace shawl that tickles me fancy)

- Finish up Hush-Hush (yea.. that minty green thingie... I am going to design a cap-sleeve for it. Trust me, my bra isn't the sexiest thing in the world.. it's not meant to be seen in public. And all sexy bras either don't do crap for nipply conditions or they have phone-book-thick padding that makes mine look like I had them artificially enhanced. This will be my opportunity to do short-row shaping on the sleeves)
- CO for Bella Paquita by Marnie (6 skeins of plum Baruffa Maratona.. hopefully I have enough)
- Yea.. um.. that alpaca.. no ideas yet. Strongly leaning towards the Ruffles scarf in Scarf style for lack of better ideas


Blogger Tara said...

You're welcome! :) You've given me the inspiration to keep plugging along with my Lucky. And to "find" (aka "buy) yarn for a Hot Lava!

6:49 AM  
Blogger =joy= said...

well, thank YOU for sharing with us your work! (^_^) hey, what do you think of kiri? i want to do the FBS, but i can't find an IK F2004 ANYWHERE. so i figured this was a good substitute for my lace shawl cravings... want to try? after BP, of course. hehe... let's try to get the WIP list up to 10 projects! lol

7:52 AM  
Blogger cmeknit said...

OK, I could be considered a blog stalker...I just love your lucky! Your upcoming projects look good! I would save the alpaca...ruffles is ok...but not my favourite! Other great scarves in that book.

9:27 AM  
Blogger justcinful said...

At the TKGA convention I bought a pattern to make a Leaf Lace Shawl.

They have some more nice patterns on the Fiber Trends site.

Here is one that I didn't spot at the convetion, otherwise I would have grabbed it:

Field of Flowers

12:38 AM  

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