Friday, April 15, 2005

Damn it to hell

*expletives in post. avert your virgin eyes if you can't take the heat*

OMG.... I cannot believe I ran out of yarn only 26 rows away from finishing my Hot Lava. FUCK.......! And to make matters worse, it's some vintage yarn I got off ebay and there's no friggin' way I am able to get more of the same. Serves me right for being cheap. It's the SWA Laine yarn in cream off-whitish color. Damn it, I was so close, yet so far away. I guess I can haul my ass down to my LYS to find a close-match for the last bit of the collar shaping... still.

Okay, so I tried different things with my chunky alpaca. I double-stranded with another worsted weight yarn just to see if I can get the gauge for Cathode, and whaddaya know? No such luck. The required gauge was 8 sts to 4 inches... Stephanie's gotta be using some super duper bulky yarn. Then I tripled the strand, and whaddaya know? Still no luck. I am so obessessd with Cathode now because (a). Just because I can't get it to work my way makes me all the more obsessive-compulsive with it; (b). Staring at a design too long hypnotized me that I HAVE to make it; and (c). My fucking lab experiments aren't bending to my will so I am channeling my frustrations onto knitting and torturing myself. Now I am left with 2 options: (a) Combine the alpaca yarn with a bulky yarn (I've been looking at KnitPicks yarn cuz they're cheap) and try again; (b) Give it up and make the Wavy Scarf on Knitty or just a Neck Cowl and call it a day.

If there is a supreme power overlooking us, I must be right under the armpits cuz no one is throwing me a friggin bone here.


Anonymous Mo said...

Hey there, Winnie! Thanks for visiting my blog :D I used Katia's "Mississippi", a cotton acrylic blend which I got for $2 a ball, on sale. I think it was on sale because it's being discontinued, though...Not sure! If you come across that yarn, snatch it up, it's brilliant! 9 balls made the smallest size.

11:48 PM  

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