Monday, April 18, 2005

Sheer stupidity

This saturday I made my BF search frantically with me for cream colored yarn to finish off the Hot Lava cardigan. Lo and behold, the Araucania Nature Wool Chunky in Ecru (color code 122) was an EXACT match -- gauge and color. I was ecstatic and forked over $10 for a skein of yarn (needless to say, my heart still bled. $10 for ONE SKEIN of wool ?!?). Went home, plugged away, even bound off my stitches and discovered.... I read the instructions wrong. All the time I was knitting, I thought to myself :"Hm...the designer used less than 4 skeins of Manos.. why do I need so much yarn? Must be a pattern flaw.. Must inform Joy of this error"..... egad! The body part was TOO. DAMN. LONG. and so DAMNED. WRONG. I ripped out about 20 inches and had to redo the whole thing. That was 10 bucks down the drain. What can I say? I'm a dumb ass. So I tried to comfort myself by saying that 10 bucks for a lesson learned in knitting ain't so bad, right? *nod nod nod*

So Lucky and I had a major fall-out. I spent the entire weekend seaming her, and kept knitting the neck band as I seamed. 62.5" of the band was too short, so I just kept knitting and seaming. I ended up almost doing 80" of the band. At the moment of truth, I put her on and guess what? The neck was too wide!! Now it looks like that ballet wrap cardigan from Rebecca. Instead of a v-neck, I ended up with a boatneck off-shoulder cardigan. Why? Why? Why........... To spite me even further, the length and fit of the sleeves and body was purrfect... all but that damned neck shaping. Was I not supposed to knit 1 stitch from the front and back pieces to 1 row on the band? I need to figure out how to pull in the neck with the band. Disgusted and disconcerted, I threw Lucky in a corner and sulked. She and I will not be re-acquainted anytime soon. Just thinking about ripping the band and re-sewing makes my skin crawl and stomach churn.

I have decided not to make anymore sweaters in the near future. The above 2 failures have left me dejected. Will stick to accessories from now on....who am I kidding? I've only been knitting for less than 4 months. Must not be so ambitious. *deflates like a leaky balloon*...


Blogger =joy= said...

winnie! OH NO! chin up, don't let some minor flubs make you feel this way... it's all about learning from mistakes. *HUG* we can put the project on hold for another week and start together again. (^_^)

6:56 AM  
Blogger Tara said...

Girl, you're doing fabulous for just 4 months of knitting! Believe me, we've ALL had some projects that turned out badly and make you want to give up. Just work on small fun things until you get the urge to swatch for another sweater....or fix Lucky. :)

8:48 AM  
Blogger cmeknit said...

i know your frustrations...but keep on going! I have found myself throwing knitting in the corner...only to pick it up again because I KNOW I can fix it! You can do it...I am working on Lucky now and you are so close to completing this monster of a sweater...but you can do it...come on I need assurance that I will be able to complete this thing! I don't know what went wrong? Is you gauge on? Did it loosen up maybe?

11:18 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Winnie, I hope you don't give up on it! I actually really like the sound of a wide neck for this cardi... :) I cannot believe that you have only been knitting for 4 months--that is amazing that you took on Lucky so early...

There is nothing wrong with putting it away for awhile... I hope you do come back to it, though! All of that work you have already done!

5:51 PM  
Blogger Yifaa said...

it's ok!! mistakes are good for us... and maybe you can use that 10 dollar yarn for a nice fancy mini-project??
i bet lucky still looks good on you. it's funny you say it's like the wrap from rebecca, because i just printed that out the other day to make it! you should post a pic of your lucky- think of it this way, yours will be different than everyone elses, and therefore more special.

7:16 PM  
Blogger sturdygirl said...

Sorry you are feeling un-Lucky! Show us a picture - I bet it looks better than you think. :) Cheers-

6:38 AM  
Anonymous christine said...

HAHAHHAHAHA! OH MY GOD!!! WELCOME TO MY DAILY LIFE!!! I do that kind of thing ALL of the time!!!! I'm a total space cadet! Now you know why there was the lelah SKIRT BEFORE the shirt! (I have to knit just about everything twice!) Ooops, now my secret is out! I'm an attention deficited knitter!

3:18 PM  
Anonymous christine said...

No, NO! WAIT!!! Did someone say that you have only been knitting for 4 months??? WHAT!!!!
Let me tell ya, I HAD NO IDEA!!!!!!! Sheeesh, I so do NOT feel bad for you! You are an excellent knitter, I would have guessed 4 years!!!!!
Oh god, you HAVE to start designing!
(ps, I had a *cocktail*, sorry about being a spazz!)

3:21 PM  

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