Friday, September 30, 2005


2 packages in 2 days! Now what could this be? Oh my lawd, a big honking hank of Skacel Merino Lace, 100% hand-dyed for me! Natasha, you are too kind. Too too kind. The colors are so delicious that I am at a loss for words. Heck it looks gorgeous on a hank that I might just wear it as is. How's that for a new fashion statement? And look, she even included a card. Aww... she called me "beeeutiful". Thank you so much, Natasha. Truth be told, this has been a crappy week. Only 2 more experiments to go and I would have completed my thesis, and the machine flat out BROKE and had to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repair. I have a conference to go to at the end of the month and the timing couldn't have been worse. What can I say? There's the yin and the yang. Cursed in experiments, blessed in the stash department. A certain knitter dubbed me the Crazy Speedknitting Lady.. girl, it ain't that crazy when you're stressed out over work and can't sleep at nights. Those wee hours in the morning just bought me precious knitting time. So if you happen to drive by my neck of woods and see the light on at 4am in the morning with the moving shadow of a knitter, it's me. Stressed on research, and knitting like a maniac (and constipated, of course. We must not leave out the important details.)
I don't know what I am going to make with this yet, but I know that it has to be divine. Incidentally, isn't life funny? I just totally blogged about how great Skacel Collection is yesterday and today I receive a hank of yarn by Skacel. Ah, the mysteries of life.


Blogger natasha said...

heya!! so is it soft enough? i was worried? i was waaaaiting for you to get it! i am glad you like it, and interested to see how it knits up. i got some laceweight from knitpics for 3 bucks or something for 880 yards and it is just like the skacel that i gave you, so check it out...also, i am dying laceweight, fingering and worsted weight commercial spun now, so if you are thinking about a project, email me and let me know, it won't be expensive at all, it is all merino, and i also got some kid mohair and some silk cotton blends, and just bought all sorts of stuff...i am getting my website up soooon, i hope! hey, where's my blogline? sob! sob! boo hoo hoo!!

ok, i hope your week improves. my secret pal pittsburgh got some yarn i dyed also, sportweight, and had a horrible day until she got that also, so it was good!

miss ya!

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