Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I blame it on Diana

That's right, girl, it's all you. 13 balls of Den-M-Nit in Dark Indigo to make Raspy. Let's hope I have enough, or else I'm gonna cry.
Inspired by
Wendy, Terhi, Joy, Kris and Crafty Wench's detailed analysis of the denim yarns. But all in all, I blame it on Diana. There I've said it. Come and get me.
Update: Uh oh.. are my eyes playing tricks on me? Shouldn't I get wider swatch with the sz 6's? Should I resort to Sz 4 and 5 for my Raspy?

raspy swatch


Blogger yahaira said...

did you wash them already?

that Diana! she gets us everytime

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Diana said...

hahahaha, I'll take the blame, no problem! Now that you are working on Raspy, I am way inspired to work on mine. Thanks!

My swatches also ended up nearly the same across several needle sizes.. maybe its the yarn.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous joy said...

I knit Raspy and Thelma from a 1kg cone and still had about 200g of yarn left so 13 balls would probably be enough for Raspy alone! Look forward to seeing your finished Raspy. :)

11:48 PM  

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